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Always act your age--just choose to make it five. 

Lancaster County, PA artist-turned-author Bruce Garrabrandt offers ways people in mid-life and beyond can enjoy more creative, joyful living in Make Yourself Ageless, an entertaining and informative speaking program based upon his new book of the same title.

"As the moments pass," says Garrabrandt, "we should choose to be in them playfully." He thinks most of us undervalue our creative potential. "People look at my drawings and say, 'You're so lucky you can draw. I don't have a creative bone in my body.' I tell them, 'That's nonsense!'" Garrabrandt is convinced that creativity is a universal gift. He cites children as proof of our innate creativity. "Every five year old is rich with imagination. No one ever loses this quality, but many allow it to grow dormant. Fortunately, the 'child's-eye' view can be reawakened at any age. My program shows you how."

The author has been a professional artist for three decades, but began with no innate artistic talent. He argues that talent is not a prerequisite for success in any endeavor. The key, he says, is to identify those things we're passionate about, and then be willing to do them badly until we learn to do them well. Garrabrandt quips, "If someone as flawed and absent-minded as I am can transform passions into talents-- anyone can."

His Make Yourself Ageless program inspires people to savor each moment in gratitude, to live with greater meaning, and to know the truth that creative spirit may grow seasoned with time, but it can never grow old. He calls on those in mid-life and beyond to take responsibility for their continual, personal growth. "You need someone in your life who sees what you are capable of becoming," says Garrabrandt, "someone who cheers you on to surmount difficulties and get more out of yourself at every stage of life. That someone is you." 

Watch a 10 minute snippet from the Make Yourself Ageless speaking program. 

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