To Make Your Life a Work of Art

In teaching myself to draw, I learned the truth about success: You don't need talent. You're already gifted -- with desire. By committing to your desires and eliminating all the self-imposed obstacles to success, you can realize more of your potential capabilities…and make your life a work of art. The Power Of Having Desire shows you how.

Most of us already know the basics of success -- self-belief, purpose, action, and disciplined perseverance. So why aren't we all living our dreams? The Power Of Having Desire teaches you to…

  • Recognize your potential talents and abilities (We all have them!)
  • Create and achieve meaningful goals
  • Stop self-doubt and procrastination from crippling your creative development
  • Use habit and routine to work for you
  • Move from positive thinking to positive action
  • Benefit from the world's wisest mentors
  • Unleash your most valuable natural resource

The Power Of Having Desire guides you to appreciate the miracle of who you really are. Learn why change is so hard for most of us. You'll be inspired to move beyond your fears and insecurities, to begin living your dreams with confidence. This book offers practical, thought-provoking ideas you can use immediately to take joyful control of your life. Embrace the best within yourself and become a work of art! Order yours today.

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Praise For The Power Of Having Desire:

“Bruce Garrabrandt is right! A passion, sincerity of purpose, good old-fashioned hard work, and the ability to survive disappointments are the true genesis of creativity and accomplishment. The Power Of Having Desire reveals an important truth: You are the ultimate architect of your own destiny.”

-Dr. Laura Schlessinger,
Internationally Syndicated Radio Host and Bestselling Author

“For years, I have been drawing cartoons expressing the joy of family life filled with faith, hope, and love. This book is a masterful treatment of those values, and it is packed with similar upbeat entertainment.”

--Bil Keane,
Creator of The Family Circus

Bruce Garrabrandt has done us all a favor by providing us with the book, The Power Of Having Desire. This is a humorous, yet deeply analytical look at the potential that is found in each of us. He uses his own experiences as well as those of others to drive that point home in a very entertaining fashion. This is not only interesting reading, but it is quite uplifting.”

-Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D.,
Professor and Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins
Children's Center and Author of Gifted Hands and Think BIG

Bruce, you are right about our being at an advantage if we save a spot in our makeup for youth. As for myself, I think and act somewhere around the age of 3 years.”

-Tim Conway,

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